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It's Not Just About Money! REAL Success after 50 for Baby Boomers

Looking for a keynote presentation that is fresh and addresses the interests of Baby Boomers?

Janet issues a wake up call for Baby Boomers – success after 50 is not just about money!

Many people spend more time planning for a two-week vacation than for their Life After 50. Those people who do plan tend to focus on the financial preparation and neglect the other key factors that contribute to a successful Life After 50, perhaps because they are not aware of them and their significance. There is no "one size fits all" template for REAL Success After 50 and Baby Boomers.

Using a blend of need-to-know facts, trends, take-away options, and humour your audience will learn:

  • The Baby Boomer effects on retirement and Life After 50 – fascinating demographics and statistics.
  • The old vs new definition of "retirement."
  • Perceptions and misperceptions about retirement and life after 50.The 12 key factors that contribute to a successful Life After 50 – it's not just about money!
  • To retire or not to retire? The new approach that Baby Boomers must consider.
  • What is REAL success and how it can transform lives.
  • Ideas for how to plan and transition to a successful life after 50.

Your event will be remembered as worthwhile when your attendees leave feeling informed and inspired to create their plan by this keynote presentation.

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"When you were doing your Passion Mapping training in Sydney in 2003, you helped me do my chart. I just wanted to share with you that the process kicked off an amazing journey for me, where I'm now London-based running a global Non Government Organization I've set up, and actively engaged with a variety of international institutions on matters of global government. I often tell people that the trigger point for me (the 'release' point really) was the Passion Mapping exercise I did with you. So count it as one of your successes!" Sean Kidney Non-executive Director at Cleardocs Pty Ltd., London, UK

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