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Bringing Your Passions To Life

There are two key factors that can shape your life – your truest passions and your deepest values. Passion is the deep inner drive to reach for what we love. Values are moral principles and standards of behavior. When your values and passions are in alignment, you live with intention, purpose and inspiration.

If you long to feel connected to your passions, or you want to feel more passionate in life, this feeling is coming from deep within you. When you long for something, you must already know it at some level or how could you desire it? Therefore, it is not a matter of discovering your passions; rather it is a matter of rediscovering your passions. They are within you yearning to be brought fully to life, so you can live according to what you want, have joy in what you do and live life with energy in the moment.

How do you start rediscovering your passions? Start by taking time to go within and reflect. Reconnecting with your passions requires quiet time and patience. Take yourself to a quiet place – your favorite room, a place in nature, or a relaxing place that you enjoy. This is an experience to be savored and enjoyed, rather than rushed.

Here are some ways to begin to reconnect with your passions.

  • List the things that you want to experience in your lifetime. Allow yourself to dream big and let your imagination carry you without limits. Do not self edit or prejudge what you write down.
  • Recall and record the special moments in your life when you felt inspired, when you felt deep joy, and when you felt excited.
  • What were your favourite things to do as a child?
  • Write down the activities you love to do? What thrills you? What inspires you? What are you doing when you lose track of time, when you are fully in the moment?
  • When do you feel you are most fully and completely expressing who you are?
  • If you only had one year to live, how would you spend your time?
  • Do you feel a calling in your life and, if so, what is it?
  • What are your six most important values?
  • What does passion feel like to you?

Once you have taken time to reflect, notice any themes or qualities that have emerged. These are the doorways to your passions.

You may want to ask some people who you know well and trust to give constructive feedback when they have seen you as passionate, enthusiastic and energized about life. They may remember things you have forgotten. You can also ask them what they perceive as your strengths and qualities. Consider their comments with your own reflections. Are more themes and important qualities emerging?

Once you have taken time to reflect and received feedback, ask yourself if there areas of your life where you can start to live more fully with your passions? For example, did you recall a hobby or activity that you love to do and have not done for a while? Do you long to spend more time in nature and haven't made the time lately? Are there people you want to connect with or spend more time with? Is there a dream that you have been putting off until 'someday' that you can begin to make a reality today?

You are authentic and empowered when you express what inspires you, live your passions and do what brings you joy. You may be thinking well this all sounds well and good, but I don't have time for all of this! It does not take monumental efforts and drastic changes to your lifestyle to connect with and live your passions. It requires doing small simple things on a daily basis to tune in and connect. This is just as important as the other stuff in life - making the calls, doing the work, running the errands and all those other things that take up your time and seem to leave little time for you. Connecting with what brings you joy on a daily basis is a priority.

Commit to doing small simple things on a daily basis to tune in. Connecting with and expressing what inspires you - your passions - is your path to true happiness, fulfillment and success. Ask yourself "What can I put my whole soul into today?"

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