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How will your Life After 50 be, look, and feel? Are you being REAL?

Most people spend more time planning a two-week vacation than they spend planning their Life After 50!

And for those few who do plan for their financial future, they ususally overlook the emotional, work, and leisure aspects.

Life After 50 is not an ending – it's a beginning...

But for the Johnson's, a couple in their 50's who had sold their highly successful business, their "beginning" to Life After 50 was rough. In their words, "we have more money than God," yet they were bored after only 7 days! They had paid attention to the money…but nothing else.

Whether Life After 50 is a few years away or it's a reality for you, Success After 50 depends on planning all aspects of life, not just your finances.

The truth is if you do your introspective work and plan your Life After 50, you'll do well. If not, statistics show it's not an easy ride.

The rate of depression in people over age 65 is approximately 10% higher than the rate of depression in the population under 65.

The highest suicide rate in the U.S. are males 72 years and older – who had successful careers. They were the movers and shakers. They had always defined themselves by their work but ultimately lost their sense of identity and usefulness…with devastating effects.

Several factors influence your ability to create a plan and transition successfully into Life After 50: emotional, behavioural, psychological, attitudinal, and relationships.

Just like building a house – you start with the foundation, add the structure of walls, support beams, floors, and roof and then progress to finishing the interior and exterior before adding furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. So it is with planning your Life After 50. You need a plan and a structure to build the life of your dreams and desires.

Baby Boomers are Transforming Life After 50

Life After 50 may or may not mean retirement for you. There is no one size fits all formula to design your future. Success comes from doing what brings you meaning and fulfillment.

What will your design for Life After 50 look like? Where do you want to live and what lifestyle will suit you?

You don't want to find yourself in an unfufilling future like the Johnsons! You deserve real success in Life After 50. In fact, the only way to achieve real success is to be the REAL You!

Being REAL is having clarity about who you are, why you are here, and what you want to create.

Being REAL is letting go of limiting beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours, which are not the REAL you and bringing your unique gifts and talents and dreams to life every day.

Life After 50 can be your new beginning, a time to live an active and vibrant lifestyle.

Are you prepared? Take the challenge!

Simply, fill in the form on the top right side of this page. Complete the Challenge and see how you fare. When you're through, you'll probably see gaps in your future...the next step…schedule your Free Strategy Session. It's a no-obligation 30-minute call where I can quickly assess where you are, where you want to go, and the steps to bridge the gap.

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Group or private programs to help you custom design your Life After 50 and create your transition plan to achieve it. 

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Group or private programs to help you custom design your Life After 50 and create your transition plan to achieve it. 

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